After a successful partnership shooting high-end stock photography assignments with Getty Images - as one of the top grossing photographers - Hans Neleman founded his own boutique agency WIN-Initiative. WIN stands for Worldwide Image Navigation, and represents the exceptional photography from over 200 photographers worldwide. It is an artistic collection with a focus on contemporary concepts and lifestyles from global cultures.

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Hans Neleman has been a rather fortunate man. The Dutch-born photographer earned his first award, the Kodak Photographer of the Year, at twenty two, while he was still in college. Since then, some dozen more awards have come via England, while a staggering 80-plus awards, titles and honors come from the USA alone—including being named a Hasselblad Master photographer (he now shoots primarily with a digital Hasselblad). He’s shot major advertising campaigns such as American Express and Nike, has done fashion editorials, created sculptures, directed music videos, published books and established himself as both a commercial photographer and a fine artist.

 It’s enough to give him a rather well deserved, giant-sized ego. Yet, like much of the work he has created in the past, Neleman prefers defying convention. So what does the photographer who’s done it all decide to do for his next move? Why, help all the other photographers in the world who may’ve not been as fortunate as he was, of course. Call him the Patron Saint of Photography if you will, but Neleman has initiated a rather unorthodox and magnanimous practice. For the stock agency WIN-Initiative, Neleman essentially finds creative individuals around the globe (fifteen countries so far) who have something to say via photography but may not have the fancy gear—or art school cred—to do so. WIN then provides the tools (and often the know-how, through its free workshops and lectures) that help turn these fledgling shooters into the talent pool of tomorrow. The result? A library of beautiful, international stock imagery taken from the individual’s unique point of view. Neleman then distributes these images through Getty, Corbis and the WIN website. The profit is shared with the photographers (some come from as far away as Russia and China; some are as close as our neighboring states). It is—pun intended, however cliché—a win-win situation for all.

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STOCK IS DEAD. WIN-Initiative launched a series of still videos promos to show of how it has blown new creative life into stock photography. Watch them here:


WIN-Initiative published nine on-line and printed magazines. Enjoy issue eight below.


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