New York University, Neleman’s alma mater, and the International Center of Photography, recently called on Neleman to return as part-time faculty. Addressing the recent “re-discovery” by young photographers of shooting analog, with large format cameras and film, he titled one of his courses “Back to the Future”, and another one, a hands-on 4x5 large format studio class for ICP, “STILL CRAZY: the History of Still Life in Art and Commerce”. Prior to this, from 1993-1995, while running his studio in New York, Neleman dedicated his time as an adjunct professor at New York University, taught at the School of Visual Arts for two years, and gave regular workshops at the International Center of Photography.

Upcoming classes for SUMMER and FALL 2019:


CHEAP TRICKS: Creative Affordable Set and Lighting Techniques

This class is a tour de force on how to create affordable set and lighting techniques to achieve a high-end studio look on a shoe-string budget. In this innovative studio-class, still-life and portrait photographer Hans Neleman opens up his book of lighting tricks, offers insightful cost saving shooting tips and he will stimulates outside the box thinking. Hands-on demonstrations applicable to portrait and still life work. All assignments will be specifically geared to enhance your personal work/portfolio.


FOLLOW THE LIGHT: Tips and Tricks from the Masters 

By emulating lighting techniques and concepts from master photographers, you will learn how to improve your own photography skills. This is a very hands-on course that provides loads of visual stimulation and draws ideas from the history of creative photography to inspire you. The class takes an analytical look at various kinds of lighting set-ups to help grow your own bag of lighting tricks. Each week there will be new demonstrations and practical tips to enhance your lighting abilities and improve your artistic vision.



Upcoming Classes for FALL 2019 at NYU (TBD):


BACK TO THE FUTURE: The Resurgence of Large Format and Film in Contemporary Photography

While not shying away from the advantages of the digital age, a new wave of young photographers and artists continues to be inspired to shoot analog again, using film with traditional large format cameras. This course explores this phenomenon in a compassionate non-technical, artistic and hands-on manner. We’ll examine the symbiosis of art and commerce by looking closely at the work of successful contemporary photo-artists as well as leading cutting-edge commercial photographers working today. We will have photographers/artists who’ll share insights and techniques as our guests, and the class will go on studio and/or gallery visits. We’ll investigate the influence of the masters of large format from recent history, such as Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, by studying lighting situations and still life set-ups with 4x5 cameras in the studio. Students will be expected to complete photo assignments as part of the course.



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